New blog and about Admin

Hello everyone!

I decided to make this blog to post news and updates coming to Smiterino, and relevant matters from League of Legends – specially those related to improving in-game skills.

About myself – I am just a guy from Brazil that enjoys playing League and other games with the squad. The thing is, our jungler was really bad, so I had to develop something to train him up. Smiterino is my first project to be published, and because I work full-time I don’t have all the time I wish I had to improve it and create more trainning tools.

From the moment was up, I read everything related to it. There were a lot of nice comments and these really make up for all the hard work. Thanks for the kind words!

Feel free to ask me anything on the comments.

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2,130 comments on “New blog and about Admin

  1. Great site. GundayMonday (NA diamond jungle streamer) pointed me to it.

    A few suggestions for you to add to improve the experience:

    – give the smite time user clicked (- Xms if too early, +X ms where X could be too late)
    – arrange bronze level challenges to 1000ms+ range, silver to 800ms+ range, etc, so as you get better it gets harder
    – also, it seems like it is worse to smite too soon rather than too late, so perhaps penalize early smite more (maybe you do already)
    – put in stats for too early, too late (there is bad, but I don’t have those set, even though I missed 50%?)

    I am curious about some strategies for smiting.

    Here’s one I came up with using this site. I did a countdown in my head. Say I had 650 smite, and when health got to hp<3650 I would say 3, hp<2650 I would say 2, hp < 1650 I would say 1, and then hopefully I would be close to the hp<650 smite time. But I am early sometimes — and I would like to know how far off I was. I think not much.

    Another idea: make a simple timing trainer. Have a count down where you try to click when it hits 0. Just output the +/- result compared to 0. Be able to adjust the rate of the number count down. This may be used to calibrate your internet lag range (since it is a constant count down rate). That might be interesting to see.

    Anyways, great site. Just the thing to practice for me during my long webex meetings online.

    1. Hey Zepham, thanks for the suggestions.
      The -Xms if too early is definetly something I should put.
      I’m afraid that sorting level difficulties with elo could make players predict easier the smite time, but I’ll give it a think. For now, lower elo is simply getting more LP for each victory.
      The stats for too early and too late is also something I should implement.
      I believe this strategy you talk about helps. Something to have in mind too is that usually the lower the monster life, the higher is the rate that it takes damage. It makes sense, since the team should focus all skills at the end to secure the kill.

    2. OK, already implemented the -Xms time for too soon 😉
      Didn’t make changes for statistics though… it will take some more time

  2. Hey!
    I really enjoy playing this and my smited also improved a lot so thanks for that!
    I wanted to ask if you could maybe get demoted, so that if you lose like 7 smites you get demoted to the last division +75 LP instead of staying at 0 LP.

    1. Hello LeoLeoMao,
      Sorry for this late reply. I’ve read your comment the day you posted but did not have a good answer at the time.
      Even though I think it is a fair concept, I am afraid that getting a player demoted to a lower rank may affect quality of gameplay (i.e. causing rage quit).

      Originally, I was thinking of implementing a ranking system with a competitive ladder. But since this is a web app, it is very difficult to prevent cheating. There are means to make it work, but I still have not got the time to do it. Maybe in the future.

      By the way, congrats on the challenger rank 🙂

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