Sandbox Mode promissed by Riot

After a lot of complaining from the community, Riot Games finally commits to release a SandBox Mode for League of Legends in the (not so soon) future.

“We were wrong to completely shut down the possibility of sandbox mode…
…being open to the idea doesn’t mean it immediately becomes our top priority…
 …so while we’re saying we want to do it and, one day, we will, that’s the extent of this commitment.”


For those not familiar with the term, Sandbox Mode is somewhat a custom map where players could train specific mechanics in an isolated environment. It is much like a Practice Mode in fighting games, in witch someone can train his/her combos over and over until they master the mechanics of a character.

There are obviously a lot of upsides from Sandbox Mode and most people agree that it will bring us better entretainment when watching tournaments, as the pro-players’ skills will be improved. OGN Caster MonteCristo discusses this topic with a lot of good reasons why Riot should add this mode ASAP:

In the other hand, Riot Games was previously concerned that Sandbox Mode would force players to practice in boring training sessions in order to play competitively. This argument is actually well-grounded. We can take, for example, the issues of games that allow players to use multibox/multiclient tools to play with more than one account at once. As an analogy, multiboxing allows players to progress faster, but it can make the game far less enjoyable than it should be. The bad part is that for a player to remain competitive in these games, he is forced to multibox since it is an obvious advantage. We have players complaining that these tools are ruining games like Path of Exile and other RPGs.

Nevertheless, Riot made this big decision – most probably to attain to the community’s desire – and now it is a matter of time till the release of Sandbox Mode. Meanwhile, why not train some more smiterino?

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